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Leveraging Microsoft Vouchers

Microsoft Vouchers help organizations of all sizes and abilities implement the latest Microsoft technologies more efficiently and economically. Not sure what vouchers are or how to access them? Read our previous blogs “What are Microsoft Vouchers?” and “How to Access and Use Microsoft Vouchers” for more information.

Can you relate to the examples below?

Example 1: A small business doesn’t have information technology professionals on staff but wants to stay current when it comes to the latest technology.

Example 2: An Enterprise company wants its employees to receive a well-planned Windows 10 upgrade, so they can seamlessly continue business operations.

Example 3: Another organization wants to learn how to migrate some of their processes to the Cloud, so they won’t have to maintain on-premise equipment.

A qualified Microsoft partner can help you accomplish this and much more with Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS). By using Microsoft Software Assurance vouchers, your organization can receive deployment services that will help operations run more efficiently. Companies receive the vouchers when they purchase qualified Microsoft Office and/or Windows software licenses that are covered by Software Assurance, or from a licensed seller who sells Select or Enterprise Agreements.

Planning and consulting services are available through certified partners and can help your organization create value from technology investments. Because your organization may have received vouchers as part of your license purchase, there is no additional cost for the services.

Companies can leverage the vouchers to prepare for the future, Bailey Stickney, a Microsoft licensing specialist, said. For example, if a company has evaluated its information technology needs for the next two years and knows it wants to transition data to a Cloud, it can use its vouchers to create a plan for how to prepare, she said.

ACS can provide the following help to develop a deployment or mitigation plan that is tailored to your individual organization. These planning and consulting services include but are not limited to. 

Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS): ACS will help organizations learn about the possibilities and benefits of deploying Microsoft Office 365, Windows Operating System, or Microsoft’s newest product Microsoft 365. The plan will help organizations determine the best option for a smooth deployment.

Planning Service Days: These offer structured but collaborative consulting sessions that range from 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 days. During planning days, for example, a consultant will explain the benefits of the most recent release of a Microsoft product, interview customer experts, compile the findings from the interviews, and present a final deployment plan to the customer. ACS then works with the organization to implement the technology solution.

Dynamics Deployment Planning Services: ACS will provide an in-depth assessment of business processes to create a plan that allows your business to transition to Microsoft Dynamics. This will help organizations understand what they will need to successfully implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Exchange Deployment Planning Services: This includes preparation for adopting a secure solution for business-class email services across your organization. Microsoft Exchange meets HIPPA and 9 other compliance standards ensuring the highest level of information integrity. An assessment of your environment determines whether you need the capabilities of Exchange online, on-premises, or a hybrid deployment with mailboxes that are both online and on-premises.

Public and Private Cloud: ACS will help customers understand what Cloud options are available and which one is best suited for their needs. Through SQL Server Deployment Planning Services, ACS will provide an in-depth assessment and a plan for deploying, upgrading or migrating your data to a hybrid Cloud environment.

Many of the consulting and planning services offered are with the future in mind. ACS, as a certified Gold- Level Microsoft partner, can provide the support needed to ensure organizations have an understanding and a plan to put the correct infrastructure in place and help an organization best utilize its technology investment.

Learn more about how ACS can assist you with your Microsoft Vouchers management. Contact us today at 1 (855) 723-3628.

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