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Embrace Business Innovation

Technology is disrupting business like never before. Organization’s that embrace and use technology as an opportunity for business innovation are thriving.

“This is how we’ve always done it” is a mindset that must be challenged daily. Innovation requires change which requires us at times to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Over time, the needs of business evolve, technology evolves, and separate parts of an organization often begin to develop their own way of doing things. As a result, the businesses become less good at delivering what customers want – and overall performance suffers.

To perform at its best, business needs to understand what customers value today, what they’ll value in the future, and make sure that both business and technical innovation are working together to deliver on these values.

To stay fit for the future, your business needs an architecture that is flexible enough to adapt to changes in what client’s value and to opportunities created by new technologies. Business and technical architectures should not be fixed and immovable. They need to be responsive to the continual process of the learning, adapting, and growing that takes place as part of your business’s ongoing quest for better performance.

Each element of your business has its own set of drivers, but the different elements don’t operate in isolation. Each has an impact on the others. To optimize organizational performance, all elements of business need to be designed to work together. The most innovative businesses look to other industries, markets, and partners for insights into developing a winning strategy.

Businesses also need to communicate a compelling vision for what the new technology is and what it will accomplish. That means clearly articulating how business innovation will benefit the company, benefit the customer, and benefit the employees.

Cultivating a positive attitude about business-driven technological innovations among employees is an important building block. To truly establish a stronger competitive advantage, organizations need a workforce that’s eager for change and innovation. That eagerness will translate to more efficient, happier employees. Which will translate to happier customers, and ultimately translate positively to the bottom line.