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Make the Switch to IBM POWER9

Is it time to upgrade your IBM POWER environment? As your systems age, it becomes apparent that you need to refresh your infrastructure. Certain versions of software and hardware may no longer be receiving support, maintenance can be costly, and overall performance could be lacking. There are plenty of reasons why moving to IBM POWER9 makes sense for your organization. 

The first and most notable of all these reasons is that IBM POWER6 and POWER7 systems will be losing support by the 3rd quarter of 2019. More specifically, IBM POWER6 will reach end-of-support on March 31, 2019, with IBM POWER7 following on September 30, 2019. Your best bet in this scenario is upgrading off these systems to IBM POWER9, mitigating the risk of a potential system failure, or security breach. Leaving your systems unsupported is never a good idea. In addition, IBM has recently announced that IBM i Next (the release after 7.3) will not run on POWER7 hardware, meaning you’ll need to upgrade hardware to receive the last IBM i software and stay supported. 

Another reason to consider IBM POWER9 technology could be the rising cost of maintenance on your system. As your systems become older, the cost of maintenance may increase. This normally occurs as manufacturers reallocate their support resources toward newer releases. Eventually, the cost of maintenance on a system can surpass the cost of upgrading your environment to a new system. As it currently stands, the cost of 3 years of maintenance on a POWER7 box is roughly the same as upgrading to IBM POWER9. Not to mention, your organization could receive 3 years of warranty coverage for upgrading, meaning additional savings on maintenance. A cost-benefit analysis can help you identify when making the switch makes sense for your organization. 

 One final reason why POWER9 may be right for your organization is the performance increase. Depending on what IBM POWER box you are currently running on, you may be experiencing performance issues. When your systems begin to lag behind, so does your organization. With IBM POWER9, your organization can receive twice the amount of performance than that of the current POWER 7 system. An increase in performance paired with the cost savings of moving to a POWER9 box could be all the ammunition you need to make the switch. 

In the end, there are many reasons why companies are choosing to move to IBM POWER9.

If you think you’re ready for an IBM POWER9 upgrade, or just want to know more, contact us today!