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Build a Superhero-Worthy Security Strategy

Security threats, vulnerabilities, and ransomware are on the rise. Thankfully the tools for detecting security vulnerabilities in software have expanded and matured over the years.

There is no “silver bullet” when it comes security. Different threats require different tools. It's important to arm your business with solutions that together create a formidable barrier between your organization's most valuable assets and the hackers that want to destroy its reputation. Building a superhero-worthy security solution is not as difficult as it may seem. Continue reading and view or infographic to discover how to create a superhero-worthy security solution for your organization.

Ready for the superhero life?

Superman’s X-Ray Vision

Security Solution: Varonis

What They Have in Common: Granular visibility

Description: You have to be able to see what is out there, to protect your network.  Just like Superman’s x-ray vision, Varonis gives you the power to monitor file activities happening on your servers and NAS. Also, it discovers your sensitive content, prioritizes it, and shows you where it is most vulnerable. Along with metadata analysis, machine learning, and behavior analytics, any suspicious activity on your servers will call for a red flag. Allowing you to stop suspicious behavior faster than a speeding bullet. 

Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S.

Security Solution: Cisco Identification Security Engine (ISE)

What They Have in Common: Centralized and dynamic visual workflow control

Description: As Jarvis is Tony Stark’s computerized A.I, Cisco ISE can act Jarvis for your company. This advanced service engine is created to manage and support almost everything, especially matters related to network infrastructure. Cisco ISE is an identity-based platform with full visibility and control when it comes to authentication and authorization, such as identifying a user’s role and type of device used when access is requested.

Batman’s Utility Belt

Security Solution: Cisco FirePOWER 

What They Have in Common: Collective security 

Description: Having a single defense weapon is not enough anymore. Cisco FirePOWER is the industry's first adaptive and threat focused firewall. With its open levels of collective security intelligence, such as network profiling and identity policy control, you can be prepared for emerging and unknown threats.

Wonder Woman’s Bracelets

Security Solution: Kaspersky

What They Have in Common: Ability to absorb the impact of incoming attacks

Description: Just as Wonder Woman’s Aegis of Athena are able to protect her from incoming bullets, Kaspersky Lab has indestructible defenses against all attack vectors that could affect an endpoint. Whether it is advanced threats, vulnerabilities, or even the end user’s themselves. Your sensitive information is safeguarded with flexible data encryption and the multi-layer application control that removes all unauthorized users.

Captain America’s Vibranium Shield  

Security Solution: Cisco Firewall

What They Have in Common: An impenetrable line of defense

Description: Cisco’s Firewall will not only protect you from outside threats, but it also allows you to monitor the overall the operating systems and see deeply into the active users on your network. Features include application information, transmission of files and URL visibility.  This system operates robustly on web security onsite or in the cloud. Much like Captain America’s shield, there’s little that can breach this barrier. 

 Even though each of these superheroes and security solutions are effective on their own, it’s when they join powers that they truly become unstoppable. That’s why Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others joined forces to create the Justice League of America and why Iron Man, Captain America, and other super-powered crime fighters joined to form the Avengers. They know they are stronger, and the world is more protected when they are together. Just like the Justice League of America and the Avengers, your systems are more protected when you have a holistic security strategy that incorporates targeted solutions that work together to create a formidable defense line.  

Speak with one of our Superheros…err...engineers to learn more about these solutions and join forces with ACS to help protect your most valuable assets.