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How to Access and Use Microsoft Vouchers

Now that you know Microsoft vouchers are available to you for consulting and Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS), here’s a step-by-step guide for how to access them.

1. Verify Your Eligibility:

You receive services for vouchers for 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 days when you purchase a qualifying Microsoft Office and/or Windows software license that is covered by Software Assurance or from a licensed seller who sells Select or Enterprise Agreements. Voucher eligibility has a minimum license purchase amount to be covered by Software Assurance. Go to Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center and enter your credentials to view your benefit eligibility.

2. Assign a Manager:

Your benefits will need to be managed by one or more people. A Software Assurance Manager must be assigned before you can activate and use your benefits. You’ll need to register to use the licensing service center and request manager permissions then follow the prompts to complete your account.

The number of benefits managers will be based on the size of your organization and the scope of benefits. Many organizations choose their information technology manager to handle new products and licenses, deployment resources, and tools. Others may use a human resources manager for end-user training.

3. Create and Assign Your Benefits:

Specific benefits can be accessed through the Volume Licensing Service Center website.

  • Use your Microsoft account benefits manager credentials to sign in.
  • Click “Software Assurance” after you’ve signed in. A complete list of available benefits will appear. You’ll follow different steps depending on which benefit you select.
  • Click “Planning Services” to view structured on-site consulting services that are available from qualified Microsoft partners
  • Select the license ID for which planning services you want to manage. This will take you to the benefit summary page.
  • Click “Planning Services.” Select the voucher type and length of days for the benefit.
  • Assign the voucher to a project manager and enter his or her name and email address and instructions. Confirm Voucher Assignment.
  • Click “Assign Voucher.” Here you’ll confirm voucher information, status, and expiration. The assignee will receive an email with information about the benefit. The email will include a link to a list of Microsoft partners or Microsoft Services, so the person can schedule their planning services.
  • You can increase your number of planning days by converting unused training vouchers into planning services.

    The company has 180 days to use the voucher once it’s created before it expires.

    Planning service days are structured, but collaborative. They can take place in 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 days. The longer the service, the more in-depth the analysis and deployment planning. There are eight planning services areas:

  • Desktop (Office/Office 365 and Windows)
  • Developer Tools (Visual Studio)
  • Dynamics (Dynamics CRM, Dynamics CRM Online, and Dynamics AX)
  • Private Cloud, management, and virtualization (Windows Server)
  • Public Cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business and Exchange
  • SQL Server Deployment Planning Services.
  • Using Your Vouchers:

    Services can be redeemed through a technology partner that has a qualifying Microsoft competency, says Bailey Stickney.

    Microsoft then pays partners for the planning services they perform as the vouchers are redeemed, she said. This allows the company to capitalize on free services for their organization.

    Our next blog will explain how a partner such as ACS can assist you in using your vouchers and provide the planning or deployment services your organization needs to stay up-to-date on programs and software, and how to operate your business more efficiently.

    ACS can assist you with any trouble-shooting issues or other questions in relation to accessing or using your vouchers for desktop deployment or planning services. Contact us at: 1 (855) 723.3628.