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5 Questions to Assess Your IT Risk

Information is one of your most valuable assets.  You need assurance that your information is secure from potential risks. 

Information technology is at risk from many factors today: data corruption, cyber-attacks, social engineering, mobile workforce, on-site physical security, and natural disasters.  These events can lead to downtime, potentially costing you thousands of dollars a minute. Fortunately, ACS can help you take steps to secure your information.

ACS’ experience has proven that your information is safer when technology, accompanied by appropriate policies, processes, and procedures, work together to create a holistic Risk Management solution.

As you begin to think about Risk Management and how the above factors can affect your business, consider the questions below.

Five questions to start assessing your risk:

    1. What is your Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan?
    2. How is your technology Disaster Recovery (DR) integrated into your business continuity plan?
    3. What is your defined Recovery Point Objective (RPO)/Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?
    4. What is your hourly cost of downtime?
    5. When was the last time you completed a DR test?  Was it successful?

ACS Risk Management solutions:

    •    BCM and DR strategic planning
    •    Critical Systems Risk Assessment
    •    Risk Mitigation Solutions
    •    Testing and Maintenance of BCM and DR plans

Information is an asset. Contact Denny Fisher at to learn how ACS’ Managed Services and Disaster Recovery Services work together protect your most valuable IT assets and give you peace of mind.