Your Trusted Technology Advisor

Technology can be daunting. Our mission is to safely guide you safely and efficiently through technology. Hear from our many satisfied clients who we've guided to the right solution and to a successful launch of their new environment. Full case studies and videos are available here

Hy-Vee.- West Des Moines, Iowa

"Great consultants to work with!

All- State Industries, Inc. - West Des Moines, Iowa

"In today's ever-changing computer environment it is nice to know that there is a company like ACS that will go the extra mile, and I feel very lucky to have ACS on my team. They have a very personable and knowledgeable staff that gets the job done. In conversations with other computer professionals, you sometimes will hear that if you buy IBM or Avaya (formerly Lucent) type equipment, all you are paying for is the name. When you ask these same people how their systems run, all they can talk about are the problems they have. I would prefer to spend a little extra money up front for the quality and dependability in the long run that ACS' products and services provide. Thanks for all the help during our upgrade."

Innovative Ag Services- Monticello, Iowa

"ACS did an excellent job in completing our project. They were well organized, methodical, and kept me informed as they went through the project tasks. When we did experience an unexpected problem, ACS worked quickly to resolve the problem. I would highly recommend them."

Perishable Distributors of Iowa- Ankeny, Iowa

"I haven’t said a whole lot about the job ACS did putting in the new blades because I’ve been so busy and fighting my share of problems. They did an outstanding job. There were a number of difficulties encountered, and they worked through them one by one resulting in a successful install. It still amazes me that we could switch them out without anybody knowing it. Thanks for the help and great job!"

Control Systems Software, LLC- Urbandale, Iowa

It is essential that Control Systems Software, LLC stay current with leading edge technology. It is reassuring to know that we can rely on the expertise at ACS to substantiate our decisions, and it is a benefit to our members that we collaborate with ACS. We have learned from past experiences it is better to do it one time and do it right. ACS provides the skill level to give us that advantage."

Civco Medical Solutions- Kalona, Iowa

"ACS has been an integral part in the revitalizing of the IT infrastructure at CIVCO Medical Solutions. Most recently, ACS has assisted by partnering with CIVCO as we merged VMware together with IBM’s BladeCenter S, both new technologies to our business. CIVCO has quickly realized the benefits of server consolidation via utilization of VMware, married with the new and exciting, always rock solid, IBM hardware platform.

When all is said and done, CIVCO will have consolidated roughly 20 physical file servers down to approximately 7-8 virtual servers all running on the BladeCenter S reducing the need for rack space, power, and cooling. CIVCO and ACS together create a powerful team."

SpiritBank- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Their staff was highly skilled and easy to work with during the project. They provided quality information in helping design and implement these solutions. I would recommend ACS to anyone who requires extra technical expertise to assist their staff or someone to lead a highly technical project such as ours."

Merchants Bonding Company- Des Moines, Iowa

“Merchants Bonding Company has enjoyed a valuable relationship with ACS... Your sales, support, and technical staff exhibit a high level of expertise in a confident and knowledgeable manner.

ACS has assisted Merchants with Power Systems (System i) hardware and software upgrades over the years. Your knowledge of the hardware, thorough understanding of the operating system, and willingness to perform upgrades after hours combine for successful implementation in a timely manner. We look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.”

Snyder & Associates, Inc.- Ankeny, Iowa

"Snyder & Associates has been utilizing ACS as a consultant for PC server hardware and software, local area networking and wide area networking for several years. They have always provided solutions that get the job done right the first time. The ACS staff exhibits a high degree of technical expertise and professionalism. We can always count on ACS to provide service in a timely fashion whether it is an emergency, the purchase and installation of new hardware and software, upgrades to our existing systems, or quotes for hardware and software purchases."

Farm Service Cooperative- Harlan, Iowa

"Farm Service Cooperative and Jacobs Corporation have shared an iSeries AS/400 for four years. When it was time to upgrade to a new system, a call to ACS was made. The ACS' Sales Representative was thorough in helping analyze what the two companies needed in order to migrate from their existing system to a new iSeries that will provide increased storage, faster processing speed and enabled to use all the new technologies as they become available.

ACS's System i Consultant performed the migration, and while a 48-hour period was allowed to upgrade from the older system to the new one, ACS completed the process in about half the time expected. He also made two visits to the site before performing the migration to make sure he was familiar with all the issues that would arise and ascertain that all the products needed had been shipped and were available.

Simply put, ACS' expertise made the transition to the new iSeries an easy and comfortable project. We at Farm Service Cooperative and Jacobs are grateful for being able to work with an IBM Business Partner such as ACS and the technically certified staff that they employ."

Key Cooperative- Roland, Iowa

"ACS is the kind of company that strives to be your partner. They make every effort to learn how your business operates so that they can not only make the proper recommendations, but also promptly support your needs in a time of crisis. In an IT area that is constantly changing, it is comforting to know that ACS is on top of the cutting edge technologies and has well experienced and knowledgeable sales and support staff. It is a pleasure to call ACS our business partner."

Grinnell Regional Medical Center- Grinnell, Iowa

"ACS is a reliable and outstanding vendor. They approach their assignments in a professional, dedicated and dependable manner. Their solid technical expertise and thorough exploration of alternatives have helped us build the IT infrastructure of the hospital from a series of stand-alone systems to a sophisticated, organization-wide and integrated network providing key support to our health care services. We wanted a single business partner capable of providing the same level of assistance with our networking and AS/400 activities and found one in ACS. Whether responding to emergencies, software programming or network expansion, we can count on them."