Are You Prepared?

If the power went out today, would you be able to continue business as normal? In our everyday work tasks, technology is a constant we cannot escape. From telephones to computers and complex automated programs, your business thrives off many different systems. What if those systems failed? Do you have a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan?

The name Disaster Recovery is somewhat misleading. It leads you to believe that unless there is a power outage, tornado, fire, or other natural disasters your systems are safe. The truth is, most outages are caused by human error or system malfunction and are extremely costly.

Diminish Downtime With SAFENAV Backup and Recovery

Minimize downtime and revenue loss with SAFENAV Backup and Recovery, ACS’ comprehensive Disaster Recovery Services.  We’ll begin by learning about your business and systems to determine what operations are most critical and where your systems are most vulnerable. Our engineers will then select from our suite of backup and recovery solutions to begin building the perfect solution for your environment.

 Protecting your data is our number one priority. Built on a solid foundation, our SAFENAV Backup and Recovery Services will have your data recovered within 24 hours either remotely or on-site.  A key component of a good Disaster Recovery Plan is access to proper backups. ACS Disaster Recovery Systems include an online automated backup and recovery service that provides secure, reliable, and efficient protection of your company’s critical data.  Your information is duplicated, compressed, encrypted, and transmitted to a vault in our data center where it’s available to you, whenever you need it.

Data Center

ACS partners with several top-tier data centers, which allows us the flexibility to select the right data center for your needs.  Each data center offers a unique set of benefits and is located in strategic geographic locations.