Plan For The Future 

What if you could know the moment your server, phone system, switches, or critical applications
failed? Even better, what if you received an alert the moment it happened? Do you wish you could
accurately forecast how much storage space you’ll need in 12 months or whether you’ll hit your
server capacity next quarter? Now you can.

Get Real-Time Monitoring and Proactive Reporting from ACS. It’s like having a staff 24/7 attending to
your environment, watching every system for signs of trouble and analyzing your infrastructure needs
so you can react faster and plan better for the future.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

Give your team the knowledge they need to detect existing and potential issues or quickly resolve
service outages. With the data gathered, accurately forecast capacity constraints with insights on
system trends and anomalies. ACS" Peace of Mind Monitoring Services allows you to:

PLAN: Plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems fail using trending and capacity reports.

MONITOR: Monitor critical infrastructure components and critical applications.

ALERT: Alert your staff when critical infrastructure fails via email, SMS, or custom script.

RESPOND: ACS reacts to and triages your alerts and determines their level of criticality.

TRANSPARENCY: All actions are recorded and available in real-time. Visual dashboards are easily accessed through your online account.

MAINTAIN: Prevent unnecessary alerts during scheduled downtime.

REPORT: Receive reports on historical outages,events, notifications, and alert responses for analysis to ensure SLAs are being met.

Reduce the effect of downtime on your organization’s bottom line with ACS’ Peace of Mind Monitoring Services.

Enhance Your Team

 Is your team inundated with help desk requests? Let ACS reduce the strain on your team by acting as your tier-1 support center. Send your help requests directly to ACS for timely and friendly remediation. Our team will quickly address your employees technology issues, so you can focus on more important and strategic initiatives.