Know exactly what's on your network and how it's all connected.

What is Network Asset Discovery? 

Network Asset Discovery is the process of identifying and cataloging all IT assets  connected to your network. The first step to securing and managing your company’s technology stack, Asset Discovery provides a single source of truth to support decision-making.

How does Network Asset Discovery benefit my business? 

Accurately identifying what's on your network is key to several crucial areas of business: 

  • Finance. With increased visibility, companies can keep track of aging inventory to forecast and budget appropriately. Discover which assets on your network can be optimized and which need to be upgraded to avoid unnecessary expenses and redundant purchasing. 
  • Security. Lessen your vulnerability to cyberattacks by identifying assets at risk and implementing remediation steps. With the rise of the remote workforce and "Bring your own device" (BYOD) policies,  understanding which devices are on the network also reduces risks associated with "shadow IT" : assets being purchased and used without the IT team's knowledge. 
  • Operational efficiency. Free up your internal IT resources to work on business-critical initiatives instead of tracking down devices.
  • Business continuity. Preserve access to crucial historical data will maintaining visibility into your network as it evolves. 

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Single Source of Truth

IT assets are often tracked in multiple softwares or spreadsheets and by multiple people. Lack of centralized ownership causes inaccuracies, mistakes, and wasted resources, making forecasting, planning, and budgeting more difficult. An efficient asset discovery tool offers entire organizations a reliable source of truth to facilitate strategic decision-making. 

The acs solution

Infrastructure Discovery & Analysis

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual tracking, and wire tracing. Infrastructure Discovery & Analysis provides complete network visibility, keeping you informed of risks, utilization, inventory aging, and more.

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Packaged to maximize valuable data, Discovery & Analysis includes a series of assessments, reports, and all asset data in addition to your network map and custom dashboard. Your ACS team will also provide a detailed analysis of risks and opportunities. 

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How it Works

Discovery & Analysis Benefits

Increase visibility, compliance, and security with a comprehensive, accurate look at your infrastructure. 

  • Single pane of glass view of all assets connected to your network
  • Transition from manual tracking to reporting with timely data
  • Outsource expensive, time-consuming scans to ACS
  • Maintain up-to-date information as your network evolves
  • Easily identify devices that need to be upgraded or replaced
  • Facilitate planning and budgeting
  • Gain peace of mind and actionable insights
  • Ensure compliance
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