Think your Systems are Secure? How can You be Sure?

Similar to how your personal credit score provides insight into your risk for identity theft and credit worthiness, Score on Security from ACS indicates your organization’s cybersecurity risk based on the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) framework. This score will identify vulnerable areas within your organization so they can be addressed, resulting in a more secure and resilient organization.

CISSP is a globally recognized cybersecurity standard and focuses on 7 areas:

  • Compliance & Policy Management
  • Asset Security
  • Network Security Process
  • Infrastructure Management & Updates
  • End User Policy & Training
  • Business Continuity & Incident Response
  • Software Development Security

Cyber-resiliency is a journey, not a destination. Hackers are constantly evolving and so should your security strategy. ACS’ Score on Security provides your organization with a roadmap for security initiatives.


How to Leverage the Score

IT Managers and Directors: Use the Score on Security to quickly and economically determine vulnerabilities within your cybersecurity strategy. Then leverage your score to procure the necessary budget to secure your organization from potential threats.

CIO and CISO: Set goals for your team using the Score on Security. Each year identify a target Score on Security for your organization. Verify expectations are being met and problem areas are quickly identified with a quarterly review of your Score on Security.

Executives and Board of Directors: Security breaches can quickly ruin an organization’s reputation and potential outlook. Don’t get caught by surprise. Quickly get a high-level understanding of your organization's risk and how to increase security.