Cybersecurity from ACS

Cybersecurity for the modern world. It’s easy to lose your way when trying to navigate through the sea of cybersecurity threats. You need a partner who’s charted these waters before and a solution to confidently guide your organization through precarious situations. Chart your destination to a more secure organization with ACS’ cybersecurity solutions.

Gap Analysis

Know your route. Before embarking on your cybersecurity journey, it’s important to know your destination. ACS’ selection of cybersecurity Gap Analyses will clear the path to mitigate your risk by evaluating the threat landscape, your policies, and your procedures. Follow our  recommendations based on industry best practices, to create a more secure and resilient organization.

  • Threat ID Evaluation
  • Digital Security Readiness Gap Analysis
  • Security Gap Analysis
  • Cisco Security Gap POC

Guidebook: Cybersecurity Education

An organization’s employees can either be its strongest weapon against security threats or its biggest weakness. Guidebook, ACS’ cybersecurity education program will cultivate a security conscious culture throughout your organization. Our program includes interactive study sessions, instructional videos, reporting, and real-life cybersecurity drills to educate and test the preparedness of your workforce. Take the training one-step further with Pathfinder, our cybersecurity training program for Executives and the Board of Directors. As leaders in your organization, their greater access to information and mobile work style make them lucrative targets. They’ll also need to understand and recognize threats that may begin on the inside. Obtaining Pathfinder status will prepare them and your organization for the security hazards that lay ahead.

 Virtual CISO

In today’s market finding a resource with the necessary knowledge and experience to lead the way for your organization in security can be difficult. Virtual CISO services from ACS bridges the gap between your Board of Directors, C-suite, and technology team, providing a constant reference from which to guide your organization through the threat landscape.