Spend less time mitigating risk and more time growing your business. Our proven layered security approach produces peace of mind and protection from inside and outside threats.

Cybersecurity risks are ever evolving. Your protection should be, too. Our comprehensive cybersecurity offering includes a wide range of solutions built to fit your company’s specific needs, from assessments and consulting to incident response. You can count on our skilled engineers to keep up with emerging threats and implement the latest and greatest cybersecurity tools, so you don’t have to.

Why Choose ACS

Maximize Resources, Minimize Risk

Many IT departments are overwhelmed with the demands of remote workforces and increasingly technical business needs.

ACS steps in as an extension of your existing IT team, offering the security expertise you need without the sky-high cost of employing security engineers or a Chief Information Security Officer full-time. 

Our consultative approach means you can choose the solution that works for you, whether you’re looking to fully outsource or need only a few specialty services to fill gaps.

What we offer

Cybersecurity Services 

ACS provides a wide range of proactive IT security services backed by an experienced team and cutting-edge tools. From essential strategies like user education to hands-on, 24x7 monitoring, we'll create a custom plan that fits your company's needs.

  • Assessments
  • Business Continuity including Incident Response and Disaster Recovery
  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • DNS-layer security
  • Email security
  • Endpoint security, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  • Firewall and Web Application Firewall
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • NEW: Physical security (cameras, alarms, sensors, access control, workplace solutions)
  • Risk Management
  • SoC and SIEM services
  • Unstructured data security
  • User Education
  • Virtual CISO (vCISO) services
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    Our full suite of assessment options allows companies to take stock of their vulnerabilities and develop strategic plans to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

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    Our security engineers act as an extension of your team, offering a consultative approach to understand the threats your business faces, then formulate a proactive strategy to protect your business, data, and people. Count on us to build custom solutions that cover internal risks and external threats alike, ensuring business continuity and efficiency.

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    Incident Response

    A cyberattack or data breach can cause catastrophic damage. With help from experts at ACS, craft a comprehensive Incident Response strategy to rapidly detect, contain, and recover from a breach. Need emergency remediation? We can help with that, too.

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"ACS helps our cybersecurity posture by keeping our systems up-to-date, responding to threats, checking on vulnerabilities, being hands-on inside of our network to make sure we’re safe, and being preventative by closing loopholes."

John Wilson

IT Manager, Truckers Insurance Associates

"We had a deadline from our cyber-insurance company, and without ACS, we would have been left to install multi-factor authentication on our own. Now it’s an integral part of our business and customer and vendor relations."

Wayne Ostergaard

IT Manager, All-State Industries

"If something goes on during the middle of the night, I know ACS and partners they’ve chosen will see it and notify me. If I’m on vacation or unreachable, it provides peace of mind. Plus, we get the benefit of all their expertise and experience."

Kirk Struik

Director of Information Services, Farmers Cooperative Society

Keeping Your Business Secure is Our Mission

Our team has accumulated dozens of certifications and even more years of experience. With their backing, you’re in safe hands.

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