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In the event of a destructive attack, data breach, ransomware demand, or accidental data loss, time is of the essence. And having a formalized, tested plan can be the difference between a rapid return to business as usual and irreversible loss for your company. 

Our tried and true Incident Response methods (including cutting edge tools and technology) will help you remediate and restore operations as quickly as possible.

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Preparation and response to get you back to business as usual

Our security engineers will meet with you to create a formalized plan that covers all parts of your day-to-day business, from PR and communications to legal, financial, and operational implications of a breach. No matter what happens, you’ll be prepared.

Our wide range of Incident Response services include:

Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity assessments aim to identify vulnerabilities and risks in an organization's systems and processes. Designed to evaluate the effectiveness of your current security posture, security assessments are key to identifying gaps and making thorough plans to remediate them, helping organizations stay ahead of potential threats and protect their valuable data and assets.

ACS’ approach to risk assessments is custom and takes into account your business size, existing policies and procedures, compliance and cybersecurity liability insurance requirements, and threats specific to your industry. Our wide array of security assessments include baseline options like ThreatID (our baseline option aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework), network and firewall assessments, security gap analyses, and sophisticated pentesting with physical, social engineering, and cyber options. Need something different? Our engineers can also design completely custom security assessments.

Risk Mitigation

What’s better than responding effectively to a ransomware demand? Never facing one at all. Our risk mitigation services include a range of carefully vetted tools and methods to minimize your risk by implementing a proactive, layered security approach that encompasses your entire infrastructure.

ACS takes a custom approach to protecting your company, taking into account your budget, industry, business size, and threat landscape. Our risk mitigation services include a wide range of customizable security products for your data, network, emails, endpoints, cloud environment, and users. We’ve even expanded our offering with physical security options like cameras, alarms, access control, and sensors.

Incident Response Planning

In 2022, data breaches cost companies with an Incident Response Plan 58% less than companies that did not have one. When an adverse event occurs, time is of the essence, and your company’s ability to respond quickly and effectively will be determined by how well you’ve prepared. Developing a thorough, well-tested Incident Response Plan makes recovery more efficient and minimizes impact on your business.

ACS cybersecurity engineers offer the expertise you’ll need to develop a robust Incident Response Plan to reduce risk, maintain compliance, preserve your reputation, and minimize your recovery costs.

When you experience a disruptive event like a natural disaster or a power outage, two plans will be critical to ensuring your company can recover as soon as possible: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Your Disaster Recovery plan should provide a formal framework for how to respond to and recover from unplanned events, while your Business Continuity plan lays out the methods you will use to keep the company afloat during an adverse event.

ACS cybersecurity experts can help you develop and implement both, so that you’re prepared and ready to respond effectively, no matter the cause or incident.

Security Monitoring

In the age of ever-evolving threats, a hands-on approach to security monitoring is essential. ACS uses the latest technology in collaboration with the industry’s most trusted partners to offer real-time, 24x7 monitoring of your network and critical systems. We’ll ensure that any anomalies are rapidly identified, investigated, and remediated, no matter the issue or hour.

Managed Detection and Response

Most companies lack the resources and personnel to effectively address today’s ever evolving threat landscape. Security teams are overwhelmed, burned out, and experiencing alert fatigue.

That’s where Managed Detection and Response (MDR) comes in. MDR combines human expertise with leading cybersecurity technology to rapidly detect and respond to threats in your network, cloud environment, and endpoints. IBM reports that in 2022, companies required 277 on average days to identify and contain data breaches. MDR provides detection and response times backed by service level agreements (SLAs), preventing bad actors from lurking in your environment for months. It offers 24x7 coverage (because the bad guys don’t just work 9 to 5) and extensive protective services like:

  • Detection and investigation: Security analysts will continuously monitor your systems and network to uncover and investigate threats in real-time, including keeping you informed of potential issues and how they are being investigated.
  • Remediation: When a credible threat is detected, your MDR team will respond and eliminate it – or guide you on how to do the same. Remediation levels will depend on your chosen service tier and specific needs. As always, ACS security consultants will guide you to select the solution best suited to your company.
  • Threat hunting: After gaining access, a bad actor can remain in your network undetected for long periods of time. Using your company’s existing event logs and cybersecurity tools, threat hunting provides a proactive response with ongoing searches through your network to detect and remediate undiscovered threats.

Emergency Incident Response with 24x7 Coverage

In case of a cyberattack, data breach, or ransomware demand, ACS Emergency Incident Response services offer the expertise you need to return to business as usual as quickly as possible. Our cybersecurity engineers jump into action at a moment’s notice and offer 24x7 support, because safeguarding your business can’t wait. 

Our team will work with your company to identify, contain, and eradicate the breach, then ensure your systems are fully patched and recovered. We’ll also perform a post-incident analysis and debrief with your key players to review actions leading up to the incident and prevent future ones.

Be prepared. Start your Incident Response Plan.

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