Storage Solutions For Every Situation

One of the most invaluable assets your company holds is its data. The ability to properly manage, store, secure, access, and recover your company’s data all begins with selecting the right storage solution. In 2020, the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates the data businesses create and replicate will amount to over 40 zettabytes or 40 trillion gigabytes. Implementing a sustainable and flexible storage solution now is imperative to successfully controlling the constant surge of data.

Each company’s data storage needs are different and, therefore, each company’s storage solution must also be unique. At ACS, our first step is to learn about your environment, listen to your individual needs, and understand your future goals. As the Midwest’s trusted technology advisor and with over 37 years of experience, we know a tailored solution is the only path to a sustainable storage system.

ACS Storage Partners

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Flash Storage Solutions

Flash or Solid State Disk (SSD) Storage Solutions provide greater access and greater flexibility to manipulate and store data. Compared to Disk Storage Solutions, Flash is faster to read and write and, therefore, it has a greater I/O. Flash systems are not only faster, but they also require less energy to run compared to Disk Storage Solutions. This reduction in energy consumption quickly translates to lower energy bills and greater ROI.

Are you tight on space? Flash may be the right fit for your storage needs. SSD storage by nature is more compact and, therefore, requires less room to operate.  Discover why Flash is the future of storage.

Disk Storage Solutions

Disk or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Storage Solutions offer large capacity storage at an economical price.  HDD storage has been the go-to storage solution and delivers reliable performance. Advances in HDD storage have created more compact and more flexible disk storage solutions than ever before.

Hybrid Storage Solutions

Need to balance performance, capacity, and cost? Consider a Hybrid Storage Solution. By combining Flash and Disk Storage Systems, you can tailor your storage needs to individual departments or applications. Place data that needs to be quickly accessed and processed on a Flash system and data that runs at a slower speed and isn’t accessed as frequently on a Disk Storage system.


Storage Virtualization

Another option which reduces maintenance, costs, and energy consumption while increasing capacity is storage virtualization.  This solution reduces the amount of time required to create, assign and start writing data from an application to a new volume.

Desktop Virtualization

Do more with a smaller IT staff and budget by implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  Provide your end users access to all the necessary applications and resources through a single unified VDI workspace. Desktop Virtualization works to reduce strain on IT staff costs reducing the number of individual machines and applications which require updates and maintenance to just a few Virtual Machines (VMs). Thus reducing the time required to upgrade or patch software across an entire company or organization from weeks to just a few days or even hours.

Because the end users device no longer has to store the applications information or carry the workload expensive laptops and devices can be replaced with thin clients or less costly devices.