Live Webinars

Solution Focus: Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery

Title: Resilient BCDR: Unifying People, Processes & Systems

Date: Thursday, July 27

Time: 1 p.m. Central Time

Description: When the people and processes within your business work as one to achieve BCDR resiliency, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re prepared for any interruption that comes your way.

In this webinar, one of the industry’s leading experts will show you how to focus your organization’s efforts on building a resilient BCDR plan. We’ll also cover ways to make sure your BCDR solution is:

  • Prepared for any possible interruption
  • Checked frequently for repeat errors
  • Tested by a rotating cast of stakeholders
  • Seen as a key part of your company’s survival

  • On Demand Webinars

    Solution Focus: Storage

    Title: The Storage Evolution: The Journey to the Virtualized Flash Datacenter

    Description: As organizations run more mission-critical applications within virtual environments, it's often a challenge to continue to meet performance and availability SLAs. Storage is usually the likely culprit. IT managers must have a keen understanding of the latest advancements in storage technology so they can recommend the best approach moving forward.

    In this session, you’ll learn about the latest storage architectures (flash caching, server-side PCIe flash, hybrid, and all-flash) and the pros and cons for each. We’ll also discuss how a well-designed infrastructure can help you meet your performance requirements, drive efficiencies, and deliver high availability for your VMware environment.

    Title: The Business Impact of Rapid Application Response Time

    Description: Poor application performance is extremely frustrating to users, customers, application administrators, and IT managers. Determining the root cause is a laborious exercise in trial and error troubleshooting. Far too frequently, the performance culprit is the storage system. This webinar will explore the business impact of both slow and rapid application response time in user productivity, employee morale/turnover, time to market, and most importantly how the right storage system can generate far more revenue than it costs. 

    Title: How to Solve SQL Server Challenges

    Description: A new year has started, and the countdown has begun for millions of people to file their taxes. As more people prepare their taxes online, there’s a tremendous opportunity for online tax preparation companies to grow their business, but only if they can keep up with traffic. TaxSlayer is currently the fourth largest online tax preparation company in the US, and it’s on a path of rapid expansion. In order to achieve this goal, the company needs to be sure its complex infrastructure can handle an onslaught of millions of people logging online.

    In this webinar, Sumeet Bansal, Senior Solutions Architect of Databases at Tegile, sits down with Michael Blache, Chief Information Security Officer of TaxSlayer, to discuss how Tegile flash storage solutions helped TaxSlayer overcome their infrastructure challenges.

    What you’ll learn:

    • How to identify and isolate bottlenecks within your IT infrastructure
    • How technologies like virtualization and the cloud can help you meet the demand of temporary spikes in traffic
    • How to select and optimize your data storage for peak traffic
    • How to modernize your Microsoft SQL Server database platform to prepare for company growth

    Join Tegile and TaxSlayer on February 11th to see how a change to TaxSlayer’s IT infrastructure has helped them grow their business. Stick around to hear Michael’s plans for the future of TaxSlayer’s infrastructure, and how Tegile will help make them possible. 

    Solution Focus: Security

    Title: The Truth About Viruses on Power Systems

    Description: Protecting your data from viruses or malicious code is not an unfamiliar concept, but understanding how these threats affect your Power Systems server may not be as easy to grasp.Many Power Systems managers still don't see viruses as a risk because they see them as a Windows threat. While this was once true, today's connected environments operate under different rules.

    It's time to take action and protect IBM i, AIX, and the network that connects to them. Join noted cybersecurity expert Robin Tatam to find out common ways these business-critical operating systems may be vulnerable and how you can minimize your exposure to viruses.

    Learn the facts to ensure you are fully protected.